About Bangladesh Film

Main difficulty in documenting the history of Bangldeshi Cinema is the fact that this geographic area was a part of India till August 13, 1947 and a part of Pakistan till March 25, 1971. Empirically, we should record as part Bangladeshi Cinema History all cinema related activities that took place since March 26, 1971 within the boundary of this sovereign nation.

That means excluding Hiralal Sen who was the first ever filmmaker and exhibitor of Indian Subcontinent. Many other internatinally renowned filmmakers will have to be excluded by the same logic. The list includes master filmmaker Satyajit Ray and also iconic filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak. Though their ancestors belong to this region, they are now considered Indian Filmmakers.

Bangladesh is yet to make a permanent footmark in the in the arena of Work Cinema but it has made its presence felt sporadically. Quite a number of Bangladeshi films had participitated and even awarded at major International Festivals including Toronto, Busan, Sanghai, Goa, Rotterdam, Mannheim, Director’s Forthnight, Kerala, Chicago, Seattle, Gothenberg, Cairo, Dubai, Sao Paolo, Freibourg. About 4 films were internationally distributed. A number Bangladeshi filmmaker received grants from International Funds and Organizations including Hubert Baal, South Fund, Asian Cinema Fund, Vision Sud Est, Gothenberg, Open Door, World Cinema Fund