About CrowdFunding Film Initiative Bangladesh

On 7th October, 2015, the first crowd funding initiative was launched for the movie Sangjog (The Contact) through a program, held at the seminar hall of the National Library of Bangladesh.

For Bangladesh film industry, this launching ceremony marks the beginning of a process which would pave the ways to boost up the young filmmakers. More than ten thousand people of home and abroad are expected to make contribution to the fund rising.

In Bangladesh the concept of crowd funding appears to be a fresh idea. However, this idea is quite known and popular across the globe as it unlocks the enormous potential for the makers to make up their creative mind to overcome the obstacles, mainly paves the way to surmount the lack of financing flow for the great ideas to find its expression. The commencement of Sangjog has already begun with full enthusiasm and as yet modest but invaluable contribution of many, as response to our call, has heightened the zeal to go ahead.  Examples of successful initiatives around the world are the source of inspiration and the initial responses that we are getting is an impetus for us to take this campaign in international arena. There are many examples of fully crowd financed films.

Global film industry has its own notion, dynamics and facets. In last decades, not only alternative voices being heard in films, financed by people, many turning points of film theory and manifestations had its roots in events in crowd funding.   Crowd funding was deemed as incubator for thousands of films _ often dubbed as alternative_ to find its expression.

A variety of films, diverse in forms, format, technique and style_ feature, documentary and animation_ was produced by the crowd funding.  The example of accumulation of six million dollars for a film shows the viability of connecting people to film making.

Although at a small scale alternative film makers have been supported by the well-wishers and fans, Sangjog (The Contact) should be reckoned as the first full pledged film initiative which would be fully   supported by crowd fund, reaching out to film lovers, people and institutions.

Seeking contributionsfrom the people shouldn’t be narrowed down to only collecting funds it’s also a process that enables the makers to connect people with the endeavor and eventually endowments makes the film production process collective.

As we know innovative concepts come across a lot of difficulties and takes time to make a breakthrough. The realities surrounding our art and entertainment world and the factors which hit a snag on expectations might engender demotivation. But we’re fully poised to face the realities, making way forward to attain the goals.  There are examples in USA and Europe which demonstrate that every year a significant number of films are being produced with funds accumulated from people.  These examples are inspiring and show the viability of such efforts.

The idea has its historical roots if we trace back into eras of motion picture industry when lack of funding was deemed as major barrier to realize the mission of making film by many great makers. They had to depend on friends and relatives and made great films. In USA and Europe, this process is well recognized. In Bangladesh, we hope that a new avenue of fund raising would help independent film makers to make bold steps with their ideas of film.