How to Contribute

Participation in crowed founding

Drawing upon the available financing modalities, we have devised multiple ways of participation for financing Sangjog. Bangladeshi people can contribute as viewers, patrons and co-producer in the crowd funding process.

    1. Honorable Viewers
      The sum of financial donation for the honorable viewers is:  100, 1000, 10000 Bangladeshi currency (BDT) .One individual contributors will get a coupon by contributing one hundred BDT, this coupon is just like a ticket and the contributor will get access in the special exhibition of the movie. The person who will contribute One Thousand Bangladeshi Taka will get a coupons, which will be regarded as two tickets against two reserve seats.If the person contributes Ten Thousands Taka, he/she will enjoy the privilege of accompanying ten viewers in the special exhibition session.Special seats will be reserved for them.
    2. Patron
      The amount which is fixed for patron is one, three and five Lac Bangladeshi Taka.  Three categories of patrons include silver, gold and platinum patron. The name of the patrons will be highlighted in the beginning title of film and souvenirs. Premium show will be organized for them in their honor. The movie unit will welcome them with gifts to show deep gratitude and respect to them.In the premium show, 20, 60 and 100 seats will be kept as reserved respectively for the silver, gold and platinum patrons.They can invite their family and friends to watch movie with them. Maximum 20, 7 and 3 persons will be recognized as a silver, gold and platinum patron.
    3. Associate, Associate Producer & Co-Producer:
      The major task of the associate is not limited within self–contribution but to extend support actively andrender assistance to fulfill the target of fund raising.If a person contributes or collect two Lac BDT he/she will be consideredas an associate.For attaining the recognition of the associate producer and Co-producer, the contributions amounting to respectively minimum five Lac and ten Lac Bangladeshi Taka would be required. Besides personal financial contribution, financiers of these categories can collect this money from viewers and sponsors. Their names will be highlighted at the beginning or at the end of the film title and souvenirs.In addition, 20, 50 and 100 sets respectively will be reserved for the Associate, Associate Producer and Co-producerduring the premium show of the film. They can invite their family and friends. Maximum 15, 9 and 3 persons will be recognized as an Associate, Associate Producer & Co-Producer.
    4. An Ongoing Process
      One may ponder over the returns in financial terms.  Would revenue generated from movie house, TV Screening and selling of DVDs is adequate to pay back to the contributors? Would we consider contributions to be paid back with a net?We would give a return in many ways.  The capital will be reinvested. It’s an ongoing process.  The expectation is to generate at least revenues to venture into a new film.

      Whatever the returns accrued from the marketing of the film will be invested in making new film. In this process revenues will be recycled for re-investment and honorable viewer, patrons and associates will enjoy facilities over a long period of time as the key driver of the continuous efforts for making films.

    5. Contribution modalities
      Interested individual can use a Bank account or BKash account. The Bkash account number is as follows: 01971526408After sending the money over BKash or Bank account, individual contributor is requested to send a mail at the following Email address: .In the post, detail information about the individuals including name, address, telephone number and the amount should be mentioned.